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The content that parents expose their baby to can impact their physical, mental, and cognitive skills. When it comes to brain development, many parents understand that the early years of a child’s life is extremely crucial. It is not easy but creates a strong foundation. It is no news that a baby’s brain starts to develop during pregnancy, and focusing on their early years can give a healthy start to their brain. Parents, caregivers, seniors and other family members are the first teacher for the baby. They should help in the development of the right kind of skills to become independent and live healthy lives. New parents and expecting parents have used social media to gain sources to do the same. A lot goes into a baby’s brain daily as they age, and parents must take care that they bring up the child in a safe and stress-free environment. The key is to find brain activities for kids that help the baby in their holistic development. If you are wondering how to increase the memory power of your child, then here are some not so big but exciting ways:

1. Games:

There are many brain activities for kids and brain games for kids online to help you interact better with your baby. Games like finding the difference, building words, matching the things, tongue twister, and seeing animals are just some of the interesting items to play with your baby. Studies suggest children who play online games are typically creative and have a sharper mind. Also, games like puzzles and mysteries provide a chance for your child to build problem-solving, reasoning and critical thinking abilities. Introducing toys for mind development also helps in increasing brain activities for kids.

2. Skill Development:

Young children have a lot of space for the development of various skills. These skills include hand-eye coordination, motor skills, improving a child’s brainpower and other complex abilities. Games like twister, catch-a-ball, hopscotch, freeze and crab walking can promote balance and coordination in your children. Apart from giving a boost to your child’s brain, this play way of skill development also helps them grow interests in sports and other physical activities.

3. Communicating:

Simple communication is an important aspect to help a baby’s brainpower grow and master its ability to communicate effectively. Even with infants, little things like sticking your tongue out, playing peek a boo, talking, telling stories, sharing through hands, colours, drawing and more all help in positively developing the brain of the baby. Make sure you have eye contact with your baby when communicating and focus on their expressions because the first step to language acquisition goes through understanding the non-verbal; so start with speaking the language they understand! To read bedtime stories is also an effective way to communicate with your baby.

4. Visual aids:

50% of children’s brains process information through the visual sense. There are many toys for mind development; most of them include visual aids to help a child remember and use word associations. Using flashcards, boards, puzzles, to read storybooks, and toys can build a strong relationship between parents and their babies and ignite their senses. Get scraps of fabrics of different textures to let them explore it. Typically, different types of six by six inches long fabric helps your baby get a sense of textures. Visual aids also help in language acquisition in the early years of brain development.

5. Diet:

There is a popular saying “We are what we eat”, and this is true even for children. A baby’s diet that is well balanced and full of healthy food is the most crucial aspect of the early years of physical and mental development. It would be best if you got them into the habit of eating fruits, vegetables, nuts and dairy products, which are essential for their health and brain alike. Keep the baby away from junk food as much as possible. During the initial months and years, the strength that a baby gets from the mother’s milk and finely blended fruits and vegetables will make your baby strong.

6. Music:

Singing to a child can help in brain development. As you sing to babies and toddlers, primarily, ensure that you exaggerate how the mouth moves. It will help the baby learn better how to pronounce the words and move their tongue. It will reinforce the baby’s faith in trying harder to speak the words and discover new ones. Singing is not only something that can entertain the baby; it also helps concentrate on what is being said and improve their listening skills, and you never know when your baby picks up the language you speak!

7. Read:

Your infant may not understand everything you are reading, but it is essential for your baby’s brain. Words that you read get stored in the baby’s mind, helping them learn things faster. By the time when your baby turns one, they will be able to talk better, recognize pictures and copy sounds. Make sure you read with different emotions and be expressive, which will enhance their social skills as they age. Read before bedtime, so they can sleep at the same time and set a routine for their later life. This helps in bonding with the children better and they pick up languages through passive listening.


No amount of money can determine how your child’s formative years change and what they become in the future. These are just some things that you can spend your time making the baby’s journey more comfortable and fruitful. The language they learn will be determined by the time you spend with them, the relationship you foster, and how much you talk to your children. That’s how they learn the mother tongue faster than any other language. So take the time, read to them, teach them tongue twisters, play with them, help them grow, and be an active participant in the process of development of your baby’s brain power.

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